Update from Speedy at our MSA Kabdalis Sweden Camp on 11/22/19

Hello everyone!

The Sr. Program gals have been putting in the training volume in both SL and GS twice daily from 11/10 through 11/22/19 with tremendous successful improvement in both disciplines! In SL they were getting in 800 + gates a day and 400+ in GS! Plus having the German ladies National team, and the likes of Leilf Haugen Norge WC star stopping in for a few runs with our MSA gals in their GS course! Not bad company one of the German ladies and best guys in the world in GS WC to train with you, haha! Yes, the gals at our camp in Sweden are getting a training experience of a lifetime! They are not only getting in more training volume in both SL and GS than ever before during this prep period but rubbing elbows with the best in the world on and off the slopes every day too! MSA FIS gals Erin and Ashley got to race the 2 x FIS SL races this past weekend, held on the toughest iciest conditions they both ran well in single runs with Ashley run 1 only 7 sec out of the best Gals in Europe but was charging hard on run 2 and misjudged a got and went out DNF. Erin managed to hang on after a sub-par outing on run 1, and charged on to a 5-sec improvement in run to take her 999. FIS pts down to 224. nice work Erin!  In race 2, unfortunately, both girls DNF’d on run 1, so did half the field.  The good news they both were skiing well and really sending it hard!  All the way down the 60 gate super iciest Krazy Kabdalis SL track, but could not manage to finish.  A super high light of the trip for Holly Mayer a U16 here with Speedy to gain training experience on the Kabdalis slopes for her first-ever FIS start back here next fall in  November 2020! Speedy was able to get Holly a for-running position in the FIS SL race 2 and Holly ripped up the SL course, to the level that I  got some great comments from the Euro coaches here on her great skiing skills! This week has been super crazy with every nation except USA training side by side and with us in more than 400+ GS gates a day!  This high volume training designed for preparation for MSA’s  Erin Mchugh and Ashley Byron to race in their first-ever Euro FIS GS starts on 11/23-11/24 and they are both skiing at a new level in GS after their hard work in GS training this past week! The girls and I are all looking forward to Ashley and Erin’s first Euro FIS GS start tomorrow! I’ll be cheering them on in hopes of both of them can attain their best ever results in a FIS GS race! Additionally, Holly will get to train with a Swedish Club team while both Ashley and Erin are racing!

Speedy signing off for now from Kabdalis Sweden on the eve of 11/22/19 5pm Euro time, off to the TC meeting to secure both Erin and Ashleys start #’s for the FIS GS tomorrow! Speedy will bring you an update on the GS results hopefully before we fly back to MSA on 11/25/19 ( or you can go to FISSKI.com to find the results ) or when I get home! Remember if you join us at MSA to bring both your academics and ski racing skills to the next level you can experience our Kabdalis Sweden Sr. program fall camp November each year!