Application deadline is May 1st.  After this date has passed, MSA will consider applications on a rolling admissions basis.  Please contact the Head of School, Todd Ormiston at .

All tuition and invoices paid by Credit Cards will be assessed a 4% processing fee.

Tuition Fees for 2018/2019

Each option is available for resident or day students on a first come, first served basis.

FULL SESSION 11/5/18-3/28/19
Day Student $25,250
Boarding Student $33,500

Day Student $24,000
Boarding Student $31,750

HALF SESSION 8 WEEKS: 11/26/18-1/31/19 OR 2/4/19-3/28/19
Day Student $13,250
Boarding Student $17,000

QUARTER SESSION 4 WEEKS: 11/27/18-12/20/18, 1/7/19-1/31/19, 2/4/19-2/28/19, OR 3/4/19-3/28/19 (Camps additional)
Day Student $6,750
Boarding Student $9,200

POST GRADUATE 11/5/18-3/28/19
Day Student $11,750