Student Life at MSA

Student life at Mount Snow Academy is busy and lots of fun. The academic and residential programs are happily settled into the Matterhorn Building on Route 100 where boarding students enjoy comfortable rooms (each with a private bathroom), and delicious, healthy meals. Day and boarding students alike share the common areas to sit by the fire, do homework, meet with teachers or just hang out.

The Great Room is the center of student life. This comfortable, homey room is representative of the atmosphere at MSA. It is cozy and busy at the same time. Students, teachers and coaches are constantly passing through on their way to meals, classes and training sessions.

Boarding at MSA is both fun and challenging. Students are expected to act as working members of the community. The house parents work with the students to create a safe, comfortable atmosphere where students feel cared for and at the same time learn self-sufficiency in a group living environment. The students have chores, after breakfast and dinner, and study hours are strictly enforced on school nights. After study hours the students often hang out in the Great Room or in the lower level where they can play games or watch movies on a big screen.

MSA emphasizes a comprehensive lifestyle conducive to personal, intellectual, and athletic growth. If you are up to the challenge of counting yourself among serious student/athletes who love what they do— MSA could be your home too.

Amanda DeMaria

Director of Student Life

Amanda’s House Rules

  • Thou shall respect thy neighbor as thy family, and refrain from unkind or covetous behavior.
    (Thou shalt not foul the air with unkind blasphemies and other dirty words.)
  • Thou shall keep thy room reasonably tidy.
    (Thou shalt not obstruct thy walk space with unwashed vestments nor allow strange cultures to fester beneath thy unruly possessions.)
  • Thou shall maintain cheerful aspect when put upon to participate constructively in the community.
    (Thou shalt not shirk thy responsibility to thy fellow man (and woman) by sneaking off before thy task is complete.)
  • Thou shall observe most wholesome behavior in the realm of sustenance preparation and consumption.
    (Thou shalt not tread unshod upon the holy ground of these delicious areas even if your name is Pete, nor shall thou partake of food nor drink upon pristine cinereal sofas.)
  • Thou shall observe peace and grave academic demeanor between the hours of 7 and 9 pm.
    (Thou shalt not scream. Thou shalt not scream. Thou shalt not scream… nor giggle uncontrollably in the face of algebra, world history, quantum physics and so on.)
  • Thou shall observe the hours of repose to prepare thyself for peak slope-side performance.

If thou art unable by virtue of some calamitous spirit to maintain these sane and comfortable standards thou shall be deprived of sleep and dignity. Thou shall rise upon the first crowing to sweat and grimace with me as we prepare the morning meal or scrub icky goo off the kitchen radiators. Should thee refuse, thou shalt not ski nor snowboard during a full rotation of the earth as it sails gently about the heat yielding bless-ed orb.

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