Snow Report

Spring/Summer 2017


Welcome to the first Mount Snow Academy “Snow Report.” Here you will find academic and athletic achievements, administrative news, and a glimpse into everyday life at MSA.

I hope that you are as inspired as I am by the tremendous growth and exciting changes taking place in MSA. Just this past year we moved into our new home at the former Matterhorn Inn, welcomed a record 36 elite student-athletes and set forth a plan for continued growth and program enrichment.

Our student-athletes had an incredible season, with more podium and top 10 finishes this year than in any recent years. It is not just the competition days that foster this kind of growth, but the daily engagement with our outstanding coaches, teachers and community that promotes greatness through commitment. And the snowsports community outside the Deerfield Valley is noticing. Our student recruitment has been strong, not only from our loyal locals, but throughout New England and the East Coast.

I want to acknowledge the amazing community that surrounds our MSA student-athletes. You make what we do possible, and I want to applaud you for your support – physical, financial, emotional – of our student athletes. These athletes are at the heart of everything we do. Your generosity and support ensures steady progress forward, program enhancements, and most visibly, a modern exercise room and a trampoline for next year – THANK YOU.

Enjoy the summer – and, think snow!

Todd Ormiston
Head of School
Mount Snow Academy

New Beginnings

Ribbon Cutting

On a Sunday in early October, we welcomed Mount Snow Academy student-athletes, parents, community members, and the public to our open house and ribbon cutting ceremony at our new home, the former Matterhorn Inn on Route 100 in West Dover. The main building is over 16,000 square feet of space, and sits on more than four acres of land, providing ample space for MSA to grow, both in terms of the number of students we can educate and train, and in terms of the facility – a state-of-the-art physical training facility (including a trampoline) is on the near horizon.

Speaker Series

This first year on our new campus provided us with several opportunities to launch our winter speaker series, featuring Olympians and filmmakers.

Edith Thys Morgan, author and two-time Olympic ski racer, spoke to a crowd of over 75 parents and students from MSA, the Mount Snow Training Center, and the Hermitage Ski Team, about goal setting and how to get the most out of yourself. She also described the qualities and characteristics that ski racing develops in young people, and how those same qualities and characteristics are beneficial in all aspects of life.

“Winning won’t change you, but the pursuit of it will.” – Edith

Three-time Olympian, Erik Schlopy, joined our Alpine team, including the Jumpstart program, for a day on the hill. Later that evening he spoke to our student-athletes and their parents about the value of grit, perseverance, and confidence in themselves and in their abilities. He also encouragingly advised parents to meet their children’s level of commitment in the sport.

The Snowboard and Freeski Teams organized a movie night, pizza party for more than 50 people. Tight Loose, a Teton Gravity Research Film, was shown. Prior to the film, alums Devin Bernard, Carinthia Media Specialist, and Max Lyons, of the Carinthia Team, spoke to those gathered about their experience at Mount Snow Academy, and encouraged the student-athletes to have fun with their riding.
These events helped us to introduce many new families to what we do here: individualized academic attention and world-class training for passionate wintersport student-athletes.

Celebrating Success

The 2016/2017 MSA Benefit

Our 29th annual Mount Snow Academy Benefit was held on March 11th at the Grand Summit Hotel. We tossed aside our Gala attire and broke out our vintage ski (and apres ski) apparel. The ballroom was filled with spectacular live and silent auction items donated from businesses and families near and far. Together we raised over $70,000, which will help provide scholarships for student-athletes, and will support our elite athletes in their quest to compete at a national level by ensuring access to high quality training facilities throughout the year.

A highlight of the evening’s fundraising was the “Cash Call,” where we were able to raise more than $40,000. These funds will be used to convert our garage into a modern, 650 sq ft exercise room, replete with weights and bikes. Additionally, they will fund the purchase of a 7’x14′ Flybed Trampoline. This will allow our athletes convenient and safe training space for their continued progression. Securing the necessary funding for these two significant physical improvements for the 2017/2018 season will help ensure our student athletes have access to the equipment they need to stay at the top of their game today. Future plans call for a state-of-the art physical training building to be constructed on campus.

Athletic Achievements

This season we had 50 Jumpstart and full-time student-athletes representing Mount Snow Academy at competitions across the country. We are proud of the athletic achievements earned by our student-athletes, and we are most proud of the progress each has made in their discipline and in their increased self-confidence.

Alpine Racing

The MSA U12 team, which includes six first time athletes, had an incredible year. We kicked off the season at the Skills Competition with Max Massoni and Kristen Yi leading the way to four top ten finishes, and all MSA athletes finishing in the top 12. Without a doubt, MSA U12 skiers have skills! As we headed into the races, their skills and preparation really shined through. These six racers had 32 top ten runs this season. Last year, they had zero. All six were in the awards for a combined 25 times including eight podiums. Based on the SVC year end rankings, the Yi twins went to Piche Invitational ( a.k.a U12 Eastern Championships) as part of the five-girl SVC team, and Megan Yi had a top ten result there. Carolyn Marlin and Steven Parent qualified and attended the NY/VT Slalom Project based on their season-ending SVC top ten rankings. With four top ten results under his belt this season, Zach Weiner looks poised to be a force next year as a returning U12.

    -Bryan Wyckoff, U-12 Coach


The 2016-2017 season was a very successful one result wise for our MSA U14, 16 and 19 athletes. Our athletes performed exceptionally well and exceeded the coaching staff’s expectations.

MSA skiers competed successfully on many levels from state to regional and out of region competitions. MSA U19 athletes competed in the Eastern Cup FIS Series, Development FIS, VARA Series, Macomber Cup Series, LaFoley Spring Series, NHARA Super G Championships and Stowe Sugar SL. We had a podium win at the NHARA Super G and at The Stowe Sugar SL on Day 2. There were several other podium finishes throughout the season.

MSA U 16 athletes competed in the VARA Series, NHARA Super G Championships, Macomber Cup Series, VARA U16 State Champs, LaFoley Spring Series and the Stowe Sugar SL. MSA had 3 athletes qualify and compete in the U16 Eastern Finals at Okemo in March. There were two podium results in that Series by MSA athletes. One of our athletes qualified and competed in the U16 Can Ams at Attitash skiing against the best U16 athletes from the Eastern Region and Canada. We had some podium results in the NHARA SG Championships in January. There were several other podiums during the season.

MSA U14 athletes enjoyed a very strong year competing in the VARA SVC Series as well as other VARA events. We were represented by 7 MSA U 14 athletes at the VARA State Championships where we saw a podium in Super G. We were represented at the U14 Eastern Championships at Sunday River where we had another podium finish. MSA also was represented at the U14 Can Ams at Mt Tremblant against the top U14 skiers from Canada and the Eastern US. MSA U 14’s found their way to the podium multiple times during the season. We had 5 athletes in the top 14 and 4 in the top 11 in the SVC SL Qualifier at Willard in January. One of our u 14’s won Stowe Sugar SL title on Day 1.

We saw tremendous improvement from all of our athletes no matter what level they were skiing on. The above are but a few notable highlights. Each athlete in our MSA program made significant progress.

    -Dave Gregory, Head Alpine Coach



Everyone on the team has had great success this year with their own progression, competition results, and overcoming fears and anxieties. All our student-athletes are still learning many lessons every day and continue to grow as athletes and individuals. It has been an incredible year – each one of the snowboarders qualified for Nationals in all of their events, and many reached and surpassed their personal goals for the season.

If we can’t be on the snow, my students love to train on trampolines. This past year we trained at Woodman’s Athletic Facility in Brattleboro – a 45 minute drive. I am stoked that we were able to raise funds to purchase a trampoline of our own, so next season we can increase our frequency of air awareness and progression training from once a week to almost daily. While corks and flips on the trampoline don’t translate 100% to the snow, with a board, the relative safety of the foam pit helps tremendously with confidence and muscle memory. We supplement our on-snow training with gym time at the Hermitage Club, which includes core strength building (free weights and bodyweight) and and increasing aerobic stamina on the bikes.

I am passionate about providing a full spectrum of board-related activities to the students on my team, especially before the snow arrives. We make a trip up to Burlington to visit Burton and talk with the designers and developers. Each year I bring the students who arrive before Thanksgiving to NH for a surfing weekend (I have wet suits for all!) and we often visit skate parks throughout the season. Our road trip to Nationals this year included stops at some epic parks where we were able to stretch our legs and keep our balance on point.

Each of my student-athletes has many successes to celebrate this year, and in particular I want to congratulate Kyle Walker, who was the Southern Vermont Series Champion for Slopestyle. He made it to the finals in all of his events at Nationals in Colorado, and qualified for Rev Tour next year, which is huge.

    -Tommy Burke, Head Snowboard Coach



Our team benefits from having a range of abilities. We have post-graduates competing in professional level events riding along with our first-year freeskiers. Even with this spread, this year we had hopes that everyone would make USASA nationals (they did), and the entire team also made Junior Nationals (which is more kids than any other year)! And, partly due to this mix of abilities, base level skiers have turned into higher level competitive athletes, by riding with higher level kids and experiencing high-level coaching. Our higher-level kids are able to share their encouragement, stories, and tips with our newer athletes, which is mutually beneficial. Our program gives them a goal-oriented agenda. Everyone knows what they need to do to progress their skiing, and we teach them how to identify specific benchmark goals they need to reach in order to improve to the level to which they aspire.

This year in particular, each of our skiers has found their sense of style. They’ve gained a great deal of maturity since last year. The free in freeskiing is finding what works for you, what is fun for you, and to portray that in your skiing; to define yourself in your skiing. They’ve all found that quality, and it’s really valuable.

We follow the US Ski team’s regimen for dryland training when we aren’t in the parks. Slopeside, our students thrive off of each other’s positive energy. Their self motivation is huge. They have desire in their hearts, and their dreams are big. They want to get better, they want to be the best they can be, so when one lands a big trick, it inspires the rest to want to do it too.

    -Robby Sullivan, Head Freeski Coach



We worked with a record number of schools this year, providing individualized instruction for our student-athletes. Our outstanding faculty ensured that each student returned well prepared to engage with their courses in a classroom setting.

Year-End Academic Awards
Student Athletes – Sarah Nadler, Kyle Walker & Riley McHugh
Academic Excellence – Nick Ford & Charley Croft
Rookie of the Year – Erin McHugh
The ‘Max’ Award – Maddox Ormiston
Trailblazer – Tristan Cohen

Academic Podium
Mount Snow Academy students achieve a place on the academic podium for each quarter according to the following criteria: A podium student cannot have any grade lower than B+. A student carrying five or more classes may have two grades of B+, with all other grades in the A-range. A student carrying four or less courses may have one grade of B+, with all the other grades in the A range.

Quarter 2
Ashley Byron, Westfield, NJ
Charles Coffin Ridgefield, CT
Tristan Cohen, East Quogue, NY
Charlotte Croft, New York City, NY
Nicholas Ford, South Hampton, NY
Lauren Girard, East Stroudsburg, PA
Jennifer Hill, South Orange, NJ
Erin McHugh, Fairfield, CT
Riley McHugh, Haddam, CT
Allison Messier, Sherborn, MA
Sarah Nadler, Lexington, MA
Emma Nesson, Newton, MA
Chase Ormiston, West Dover, VT
Maddox Ormiston, West Dover, VT
Sophia Press, Tenafly, NJ
Peter Proscia, Chatham, NJ
Kyle Walker, Canton CT
Quarter 3
Charles Coffin Ridgefield, CT
Tristan Cohen, East Quogue, NY
Derek Conti, Stratton, VT
Charlotte Croft, New York City, NY
Zachary Ferry, Pennington, NJ
Nicholas Ford, South Hampton, NY
Erin McHugh, Fairfield, CT
Riley McHugh, Haddam, CT
Allison Messier, Sherborn, MA
Sarah Nadler, Lexington, MA
Emma Nesson, Newton, MA
Chase Ormiston, West Dover, VT
Maddox Ormiston, West Dover, VT
Sophia Press, Tenafly, NJ
Peter Proscia, Chatham, NJ
Iker Rodriquez, Wilmington, VT/Spain