Snow Report

Spring/Summer 2019


Dear MSA Community,
While it seems like yesterday that we celebrated our student athletes at the end of the year celebration, a lot has happened since the snow began to melt at Mount Snow. Our freeskiers and snowboarders enjoyed a very successful USASA Nationals in Colorado, our students have returned to a new rhythm of school and spring sports and, from all feedback we have received, our students have experienced and relatively seamless re entry to their home schools.

I write to introduce our semiannual “Snow Report.” It is a reflection of the commitment we share to seek academic, athletic and personal excellence. As you will read, MSA student athletes demonstrate common qualities; they are goal oriented, seek continual improvement and benefit from an environment that promotes personal growth and community engagement.

As the 2018-’19 season ends, now is the time to start training for next year! We have many opportunities for all our athletes to be on snow this summer and dryland training programs will be arriving soon. For parents, we encourage you to also start planning for next year. Please share all academic programming information with us as soon as you have it. And, if you haven’t already, please return our digital enrollment agreement so we can begin our planning for your child as well.

As the team at MSA prepares for next year, I am happy to report that a seamless transition is underway with Peter Stokloza. It is a huge benefit to our students, staff and Peter that he has already experienced a year at MSA. I am confident that Peter will maintain all that is special about our school, and continually seek improvement along the way. I look forward to coming back to visit next winter!

Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is an integral part of MSA’s ability to effectively ensure necessary funds throughout the year. These unrestricted funds make it possible to allocate support when and where needed on a yearly basis. The Annual Fund is an important source of unrestricted and contributed income and is a mainstay of yearly fundraising initiatives.

Your contribution to the Annual Fund makes it possible to cover essential operating costs, some of which may be unexpected. Raising awareness and acceptance of MSA’s ability to raise money responsibility are also important factors for our Annual Fund goal.

This year we are looking to increase our participation goal by creating membership levels. Donors will be designated as Friends of MSA. Those individuals contributing at higher levels will be organized as Contributing Donors, Supporting Donors and Sustaining Donors and will be honored with plaques. A robust Annual Fund and new membership levels will lead to stronger growth throughout this year and into the years ahead. All gifts are tax-deductible and your generosity is greatly appreciated. Many thanks!

-Krista Katz, Director of Development

Boots & Bindings


MSA Alpine had a wonderful season full of great moment and experiences for athletes, coaches and parents. Our athletes represented the school, their family and themselves with integrity and grit. The results throughout were excellent and continued to show the hard work everyone was putting in during training on and off the hill. Strong finishes and individual improvements by all teams from U12-FIS were realized, and we move forward with building momentum at MSA and putting our program on the map. The dedicated and hard work by our coaches throughout the year cannot be understated. The alpine staff had tremendous support from the Board, MSA’s administration and Todd as well as from Mount Snow and the Mount Snow Training Center (MSTC). Wayne and the MSTC staff are great partners and we look forward to working with them again next winter.

U16s and U19s with Coach Speedy!

Our U19 athletes all showed progress and were lead by strong results from Chip Coffin and Paige Petrell. Andie Ormiston, Ashley Byron and Chase Ormiston contributed to their team and kept improving week to week with solid results. Colby Hofmeister, our southern star, also had some remarkable moments and we look forward to seeing the U19 group progress next year either in college or back at MSA on the FIS circuit.


Our U16s boasted some fine results, especially from Maddie Cho, Erin McHugh and Jillian Pastore who were constantly pushing the U19s and routinely lowering their points. I know one of my personal highlights of the year came when I was with the Alpine team at Pat’s Peak in March and Maddie won the first run – I was so proud of her skiing! Holly Mayer and Hailey Rebak also showed steady improvement and were skiing their best by the end of the season. Great job girls!

From podium results to personal best, all athletes are showing signs of growth, and as a staff we routinely work to plan and assess how things are developing.

Our U14s also showed fabulous improvement as the coalesced as a group and achieved strong results. Oliver Leonard, Patrick Leonard, Robby Kurzer, Max Massoni, Finn McCann, Andrew Lewis, Peter Lewis, Madeline Bush, Benjamin Sweetland, Lila Sweetland, Sammy Schwartz, Henry Harding, Anna Lee Geoghan, Alyssa Kimble, Molly Croft, Logan Severance, Max Tejpaul, and Eden Sharfstein all progressed and achieved some if not all of their personal goals. The results were numerous, however the development as a whole from the U14 group should not be understated. I can’t wait to see our U14s rip next year and for those moving to U16s, we know they have been well prepared for the next leg of their journey.

As we did during the Recognition Dinner, I’d like to highlight a few of our athletes here:

MSA U14 Skiing Excellence: Finn McCann & Alyssa Kimble

MSA U14 Most Improved: Henry Harding & Logan Severance

MSA U14 Coaches Award: Patrick “Patch” Leonard & Molly Croft

At the U12 level there were some dramatic improvements that I’d like to highlight. Trey Babbitt started out a bit tentatively and ended up with outstanding end of season performances, amazing progress Trey. And a special call out to Chas Benyik, who competed strongly in every race he entered and who had tremendous results at Piche’s representing himself, his family, and our program very well – thank you Chas! Our other amazing U12s: James Gilfond, Patrick Bosma, Jake Fejos, William Rebak, Benjamin Bush, Faran Grover, Samantha Cho, Tori Benyik, Chase Greenberg, Jake Leonard – all worked hard as a team and developed very well under Head Coach Brian with Assistant Coach Peter’s guidance and support. Great work Coach Brian and Coach Peter!

All MSA athletes deserve a shout out and recognition – so keep up the great work and results!


2018 – 2019 Alpine Survey

A big THANK YOU to the 16 Alpine families who took this opportunity to provide feedback about the MSA Alpine program. Your insights, comments and concerns will be extremely helpful as I move forward with upgrades to be implemented in 2019. I am pleased to share with you some of the results from the survey below:
MSA’s Alpine Coaching approval in 2018/19 was at a record high with 4.5 out of 5. Meanwhile, MSA coaches directed kids to improve their skiing techniques while developing greater confidence in life and on the mountain.
On-Snow Training Sessions for MSA Alpine athletes was clearly healthy and strong with 4.27 out of 5.
Gated Training Sessions were also firmly in the mix with 4.2 out of 5 as our MSA athletes and coaches made the best of every single day on snow.
MSA’s Conditioning Program is a mix of newer offerings. I would be interested to hear more from parents on the types of conditioning work they would like their athletes to be learning about. With a 3.6 out of 5 we are on firm ground and will be developing a base-manual of conditioning options for Alpine Athletes. Some particulars we will address include: Better training and stretching – Single leg exercises and core workouts – Plans for year round dryland – Cardio exercises for agility and strength – Rigorous workouts – Better nutritional offerings – Technology to track fitness and conditioning. If you have not filled out the survey yet please do so at your convenience, your input is greatly appreciated!


The 2019-20 school year will usher in new developments being proposed at MSA for our Alpine program. However my most important imperative is to work assiduously on behalf of all of our student athletes. As a coach and mentor for many years, I understand what athletes need to succeed. And this is why parents will always be welcome to talk, call, text, have lunch, or email me with your great ideas and your pressing concerns. On behalf of your athletes and mine – there is nothing more important that our children.

New staffing structure and coaches in 2019-20 include:
A special thanks to all the Alpine coaches this past year. The care and dedication to MSA alpine athletes was phenomenal. The staffing structure for the Alpine program will be a little different for next year as we look to hire more professional and experienced staff to work with you children. We are making great progress on that front.

The MSA Alpine program will be designed with an Alpine Senior Program Director- Mark “Speedy” Archer, directing and managing the U16, U19 and PG athletes and coaches for MSA, and an Alpine Junior Program Director- Brian Wyckoff, directing and managing the U12 and U14 athletes and coaches, Brian will also be the Head U12 coach as in the past few years. Peter Benyik will move up to the U14s and lead the U14 Alpine and Camp program assisted by Topper Van Backer (Head U14 Jumpstart coach and MSA conditioning coach). Newly hired Dave Skylar, who brings a world of knowledge and insights from his time as a MSA student and MSTC U14 head coach last year, rounds out an extremely strong U14 staff. John Tyler – level 300 USSA/PSIA with 30 years of successful coaching, and has been a full time coach at CVA over the past 4 years, has also been hired to work with Speedy to ensure the U16s/U19s have great coaching and support. We still will be adding to our staff with an additional U16/U19 coach and a U12 assistant, when these coaches are hired they will be announced. I plan to help the Alpine program on Fridays and Saturdays when appropriate and will assist where and when needed, I love working with the athletes and our MSA coaches!


MSA has a great offering of camps this summer and fall, please reach out to Speedy and Peter Benyik or myself if you have questions about our MSA camps. We have many of our MSA athletes enrolled in our summer camps and we look forward to working with them in Austria and out west this summer. The MSA website has information on the upcoming camps for your children, please be sure to check it out!


We have been working on securing new jackets for our athletes and coaching staff for the 2019-20 season. Please stay tuned for an upcoming email  regarding selection, pricing and the information on ordering.

Stay tuned for more news on the MSA alpine program in the near future!

– Peter Stokloza, Alpine Program Technical Director


Check out the end of season edit that Pierre Verville, our Media School star, put together for the Freeski team. He has several other edits up on his YouTube channel, Pierre Verville.

It was a great season for the MSA Free Ski crew. Everyone made huge strides physically and emotionally. The team finished out the season with some impressive competitive results.

Our entire team qualified for USASA nationals in their respective disciplines. Max Siudak and Alena Curtis landed on the National podium, both taking second place in rail jam for their age group. We had several US Revolution Tour debut appearances. Ian Ward, Max Siudak, Zach Ferry, Nick Ford and Alena Curtis all had the opportunity to compete in the tour. Max Suidak and Nick Ford had highlight finishes at the Copper Rev Tour with Max finishing in 9th place and Nick taking 10th. Pierre Verville, our only media school student, was a huge asset to our program this year. Pierre made amazing improvements with his filming and photography and documented our team’s progress through his extremely creative and professionally edited clips.

We graduated 3 seniors this year, all of whom have been with our program for a minimum of three years. Zach Ferry and Andrew Kieffer will be rooming together at Seirra Nevada College in Lake Tahoe next year, where they will continue to pursue their passion for skiing. Nick Ford has been accepted to several great schools and will be making his choice soon. We wish all three boys the best off luck in their next chapter and hope to catch them on the hill for a few runs next season!

We look forward to carrying our momentum from Nationals into the camps this summer as well as during dry land and conditioning sessions. A huge thank you to all of the athletes and parents for another great season! Thank you to all of the dedicated parents for giving your athletes this opportunity. Liam and I feel honored to be a part of it.

-Robby Sullivan, Freeski Program Director


The snowboard team at Nationals

2018-2019 was an incredible season for the MSA Snowboarding Team. We had the largest team we have had in several years and still managed to have massive progressions among athletes, awesome experiences, and many great accomplishments. With our growing team it was essential that our coaching staff also grew with the addition of David McCarthy and Josh Kennedy. Coaches David and Josh did an amazing job this year supporting our athletes and their accomplishments. We had athletes snowboarding all over the country and world this year. Athletes participated in events in 10 different states this year and 3 different countries. (PA, NJ, Conn, Mass, NY, VT, NH, CO, CA, and OH (Austria, Switzerland and USA). All the athletes on the snowboarding team showed great commitment to their passion. This exceptional commitment led to many noteworthy accomplishments.

Of all our athletes competing in USASA events, each of them qualified for the National Championships in one or multiple events. At Nationals we had an athlete in Rail Jam Finals every night of the week. Kaitlyn Adams and Haven Kennedy both made it to the podium with Silver in the Rail Jam event. We had athletes competing in Rail Jam, Slopestyle, Halfpipe, and Boardercross at Nationals. Several athletes also made it through to Finals in the Slopestyle events. Cal Gibson who was competing in his first Nationals made it to finals in a very competitive Breaker age group and is now qualified for next years Revolution Tour. This year at the Seven Springs Rev Tour Qualifier Sophia Bruck and Nolan Granville qualified through to participate in their first Rev Tour. Kaitlyn Adams also competed in this event and it was her first Rev Tour and found herself on the Podium earning 3rd. Making it to the podium in your first Rev Tour is quite an accomplishment. Kaitlyn was also invited to participate in Project Gold this year (training with US team Coaches based on outstanding performances throughout the season). Rev tour Competitors Jon Claudio and Jack Armbruster had many respectable finishes throughout the tour and were also invited to Snowboarder Magazines the Launch Photoshoot at Bear Mountain California. Jon also reached his highest goal and earned himself a board Sponsor, Marhar Snowboards. Jack Armbruster’s National Level results this year will Qualify him into the Rev Tour Elite for next season. Our team had awesome experiences traveling, training, and competing. One really interesting experience was had by Aiden Bosc, who was asked by his sponsor Head Snowboards to go to Austria and Switzerland for a week long photoshoot. Traveling and seeing the world on your snowboard is one of the greatest opportunities a snowboarder can have and our team definitely took advantage of this opportunity this season. Thanks to all the parents and other supporters who made this possible for our team! I am very excited to see what next year brings.

– Tommy Burke, Head Snowboard Coach

Pencils & Paper

Academic Podium

At the end of each marking period (we have two) we identify and honor the student athletes who earns all “A”s (with a few minor exceptions : one B+ is allowed if taking 5 or more classes, two are allowed if taking 7 classes). See who made the list this term:
Kaitlyn Adams, Ohio
Jack Armbruster, Vermont
Trey Babitt, New York
Sophia Bruck, Ohio
Ben Bush, New York
Maddie Bush, New York
Ashley Byron, New Jersey
Charlie (Chip) Coffin, Connecticut
Molly Croft, New York
Charlie Duffy, New Jersey
Zach Ferry, New Jersey
Nick Ford, New York
Cal Gibson, Connecticut
Alyssa Kimble, New York
Griffin Mandino, Vermont
AJ Mattes, Maryland
Erin McHugh, Connecticut
Andie Ormiston, New Hampshire
Chase Ormiston, Vermont
Jillian Pastore, Connecticut
Hailey Rebak, New Jersey
Samantha Schwartz, Massachusetts
Eden Sharfstein, New Jersey

Academic Awards

Each year at the end of the season the faculty comes together to nominate, discuss, think over, talk with coaches, discuss some more, and finally agree on the recipients of the MSA Awards, presented at our annual Recognition Dinner.

This year, the faculty has recognized the award recipients with a book award, chosen by the teacher presenting the award for the student based on their interests and personality.

Academic Excellence
Awarded to a student who exhibits outstanding academic talent and uses that talent to perform at a consistently high standard in his/her classwork.

  • Nick Ford, Senior, Freeski
  • Jillian Pastore, Freshman, Alpine
  • Molly Croft, 6th Grade, Alpine
  • Griffin Mandino, 8th Grade, Snowboard

Student Athlete
Awarded to a student who exemplifies a successful balance of strong accomplishments, both academically and athletically.

  • Andie Ormiston, Senior, Alpine
  • Chip Coffin, Junior, Alpine
  • Alyssa Kimble, 8th Grade, Alpine

Rookie of the Year
Awarded to a student in his/her first season at MSA who performs well both academically and athletically and shows significant potential for growth in both areas.

  • Annan Riordan, Sophomore, Snowboard
  • Logan Severance, 7th Grade, Alpine

The “Max” Award
Awarded to a student who demonstrates maximum consistent effort with maximum great attitude.

  • Erin McHugh, Sophomore, Alpine


On a beautiful, bright sunny afternoon, Todd Ormiston took a small group of students up Mount Snow for a winter camping adventure, the result of some supportive and generous families bidding on an auction item during our annual Gala. Two of these students had never camped before (kudos to them or being game sleeping outside for the first time in snow!). After making their way to the top, they settled in for a lovely evening watching the sun set and setting up camp. Todd prepared steak tips for dinner and two of our teachers, Michael Coughlin and Ian Pouliot, showed up for some evening enrichment. Michael showed everyone some neat chemistry tricks involving steel wool and Ian took some amazing pictures of the milky way. First tracks in the morning were especially sweet, having earned them the day before.

3rd Annual Golf Tournament & Fall Festival Weekend

Save the Date! October 11-13, 2019