Mission Statement

Mount Snow Academy fosters an environment in which young people develop a joy for learning, and respect for themselves and others, in academia, sports, and in personal and community relationships. The Mount Snow Academy community enthusiastically instills in our students the vigor and self-esteem to take risks and the insight to build on their challenges as effectively as their successes.

Individual Attention – Self-Reliance – Community Support

These three characteristics represent the core values of Mount Snow Academy academic and athletic programs. MSA fosters both self-reliance and active cooperation among students and staff. Through our uniquely individual academic instruction, our students learn self-discipline, time management, and the importance of setting and achieving goals. In our slope-side environment, Mount Snow Academy teachers and coaches work together to balance focused academic life with a rigorous training and competition program. This strong presence of both on-slope and classroom instruction improves our students’ participation in their community while developing a solid sense of themselves.

The Mount Snow Academy experience challenges each student to approach their academic and athletic lives with self-confidence, self-discipline, and determination. MSA engenders the very qualities it demands, all within our caring and supportive environment. Mount Snow Academy’s mission is to offer challenging and comprehensive academic and athletic opportunities that will enable our student-athletes to become life-long learners, responsible decision-makers, and capable, contributing citizens in our competitive and rapidly changing world. We expect our students to act with integrity as they embrace new challenges for intellectual, personal and athletic growth.