Jennifer Razee

ABD in English, University of Florida
MFA in Creative Writing (Poetry), University of Florida
BA in British and American Literature, New College (Sarasota, Florida)
Guest lecturer at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland
Panelist at the 1st, 3rd, and 11th annual UF Conferences on Comics and Graphic Novels
Great Books Program at the University of Chicago
Studied economics and computer science at DePaul University, Chicago

I bring to MSA my ten years’ experience teaching English, fifteen years in the publishing industry (first as a proofreader, then as a project manager and liaison to New York City publishing houses), and seven years as a freelance editor. More recently, I celebrated my second anniversary as the assistant librarian at Pettee Memorial Library in Wilmington, Vermont.

Wilmington has been my home since 2011. I was born in Connecticut in 1963, adopted in 1965, and moved to Florida with my adopted family in 1970. There I attended public schools until my graduation in 1981. After graduation, I enrolled at the University of Chicago, where I studied Great Books and accumulated great debt—taking on two part-time jobs while I studied still left me unable to afford more than one year’s tuition. I then found work in Chicago’s Loop at Kemper Financial Services. For the next five years I crunched numbers by day and studied by night, taking advantage of an employee benefit that paid for my courses in economics and computer science at DePaul University.

Five years at a desk job and one mugging left me eager to return to Florida, where I earned my BA at New College, the honors college of Florida’s state university system. There I studied poetry and, my senior year, led poetry workshops. I graduated in 1990, then followed a job lead to Boston. One more year of city life, and I again returned to Florida, this time for graduate school at the University of Florida in Gainesville. In the the midst of my studying and teaching English composition, poetry, and technical writing, I had two grand adventures: visiting Berlin, Prague, and Poznań, Poland; and meeting my biological family in NYC.

An MFA and an ABD later, in 1998 I began teaching at Keene State College in New Hampshire. When I wasn’t teaching English I interned at Stratford Publishing Services in Vermont. Interning led to full-time work for the next ten years. In 2009, I started my own editing service.

Being an editor, librarian, and teacher is my professional trifecta—I’m in work heaven, all the while learning from author clients, library patrons, and MSA students and fellow teachers. Heavenly, too, is my home on the edge of forty woodland acres in Wilmington. Outside, I enjoy gardening, hiking, and snowshoeing; inside, I love to play classical and rhythm guitar, dance, and watch my cat and little dog wrestle.

I hope to live in Wilmington for the rest of my life. When I’m not here, I like most to visit my two loving families: my adoptive family in Florida, and my biological family in Connecticut and Brooklyn. I’m also blessed with a family of friends from around the world—and now I’ve found another family at MSA.