Hugh Joudry

PhD Program in Analysis of Complex Variables (Topology), State University of New York at Buffalo, Graduate Teaching Fellowship
B.A. Mathematics major, Physics minor, State University of New York at Buffalo
B.S. Science Education, State University of New York at Buffalo
Academic Grant for Sculpting at Johnson Atelier

I have been with Mount Snow Academy as a mathematics teacher for twelve years. I have taught at the junior and upper high school as well as at the university level. My teaching has also included ESL (English as a Second Language) and TOEFL (Testing of English as a Foreign Language) in the New York City area. In addition, I am conversant in Spanish and Russian.

In the interdisciplinary world, I am in the process of publishing a book whose subject is mathematical, but in it I also write about how mathematics extends and influences other fields of knowledge such as biology, sports performance, architecture and art. I illustrate in particular how geometry influences art. When I’m not teaching, I carve sculpture with the traditional method of mallet and chisel, using Vermont wood and marble. Each year from May to October, I’m hiking and maintaining the Long Trail – Appalachian Trail here in Southern Vermont. At the Stratton Mountain Fire Tower, my wife Jeanne and I are the long time summit caretakers for the Green Mountain Club. We have fun interacting with the large number of hikers who are on the trail each year. In wintertime we live in the town of Stratton, Vermont.