Gerie Golet

30+hours advanced coursework in education, science, and administration
B.S. Elementary Education, Springfield College

I am a Connecticut native. I graduated from Springfield College and spent my first year teaching in Hartford, CT. After spending the next few years teaching in Texas, I returned to Connecticut and taught middle school and high school in Salem, CT and East Lyme, CT where I also spent time as a principal and a guidance counselor. In 2002, I decided to move to Vermont and spend my retirement years skiing.

When I was only 12, I decided to learn to ski after watching Penny Pitou win a bronze medal in the Olympics. Skiing at Hogback Mountain in VT and Otis Ridge in MA became a large part of my life. While teaching in El Paso, Texas, I was part of the ski patrol at Sierra Blanca in New Mexico. In addition to skiing, I enjoy gardening, birding, hiking, and most outdoor activities. Two of my most memorable experiences are working on the Alaskan Oil Spill in 1989 for six weeks and traveling to Turkey, Greece, and Poland in 2001. In my spare time I like to visit with my grandchildren in Connecticut and California.