Freeski Program

Freeski Vision Statement

A team is both a collection of individuals and the sum of its parts. Our program serves the changing needs of each athlete by tailoring an athletic plan for every member of our team and accommodating these needs through the daily regimen of the group. The first step in this process is to create a statistical model showing each athletes strengths, weaknesses, and improvements throughout the year. This model will have several parts: spreadsheets detailing training in the gym and on-hill, comprehensive athletic goals and competition calendars, and monthly check-ins with parents and family where we workshop ideas and deliver progress in quantifiable terms. By setting realistic athletic goals and honoring the time allotted for their completion, it is our mission to provide our students with a rubric for self-betterment and the means to accomplish their dreams.

Program Philosophy

The Freeski Program seeks to empower and develop each student athlete to each his/her potential, develop positive character traits and explore their personal artistry through mastery of skills. To achieve these goals, the Program identifies these core values:

  • Maintain student-athlete safety as our primary concern
  • Engender creativity
  • Develop and perfect fundamentals
  • Become a student of the sport by embracing the culture and learning the industry
  • Hold each student athlete to the highest personal standards in all facets of his/her life
  • Build a Program philosophy that is understood by students and parents and reinforced by coaches and MSA


The Freeski Program has a holistic approach to its influence in each student athlete’s life. There are four areas of their lives around which we structure our program.


  • Design an individualized on snow training plan that that centers on each athlete’s goals, competitive style, artistry, individuality and exploration.
  • Articulate this plan to the athlete and parents, while also leaving room for flexibility
  • Develop relevant skills that match each athlete’s progression.
  • Promote good training habits; including visualization, daily preparation, healthy lifestyle and an aspirational attitude
  • Pair an appropriate off-snow fitness program with in-season training


  • Help athletes to create a personalized a program that evolves with progression
  • Galvanize ability to perform under pressure
  • Support each athlete to the limits of their competitive ability

Off Snow

  • Goal setting
  • Video review-built into weekly blocks-sharing shots so athletes can work on things on their own time.
  • Help athletes understand their responsibility to be a productive member of our school community
  • Promote a healthy balance between social, academic and athletic prioritization

Off Season

  • Build an off-season training program that focuses on strength, flexibility and agility
  • Maintain contact throughout the off season to maintain relationships, check in on personal progress and adjust forward planning as necessary.
  • Design and implement appropriate training camps to supplement winter training