Amanda DeMaria

Director of Student Life
B.A. and Secondary School English Teaching Certificate

When I was six years old my family went to the Island of Mallorca for the second time. My father had organized a year abroad writing program for college students. It was 1969 and Franco was dictator of Spain. The students were full-blown, crazy, flower-children looking for hippie heaven, and I think they found it. However, what I remember the most was our little school at the bottom of the village. Our parents had brought a teacher with us. She was also a college student, but she was no hippie. She needed to do student teaching hours to complete her certification. Her name was Wendy and I adored her. Wendy’s influence led me to teaching, but my crazy family sparked my wanderlust. As a result I have traveled a lot and taught in many places.

I started young in my home town, Orient Point at the end of Long Island, and went on to participate in an internship program at Hobart William Smith College. Later I found myself drawn to school settings in Denmark during study abroad, Kenya where I was in the Peace Corps, Ibiza, Mallorca, and Mexico. Finally I completed the requirements for teacher certification and went to work at The Hoosac in Hoosic, NY. After two years at Hoosac my son Tygre was born and I paused for a year, but then found myself back at it in the American International School of Mallorca. When I decided it was time for Tygre to return to the States, I went to the Stony Brook School on Long Island and finally to the Marvelwood School in Kent, CT where I stayed for seventeen years.

When I left Marvelwood School last spring I wrote a letter that started like this, “Before coming to Marvelwood, I had never spent more than a year (or maybe two) in any one place. I lived in different countries, on different continents, in cities and villages, and I had a penchant for small islands everywhere. I was a true nomad with an advanced case of wanderlust. Now, after seventeen delightful years on Skiff Mountain, the call of the wild beckons again, and it is time for new adventures.” I posted this letter and got on a plane for the island of Mallorca.

Little did I know that on the other side of the ocean, a tiny ski school was gearing up to make a big transition and would need a Director of Student Life to help shape the next stage of its existence. From my living room in Spain, I spoke to Todd Ormiston by SKYPE (a medium I prefer to leave to the kids) and that is how I ended up here.