Alex Knight

B.A. Literature and Writing, Union Institute and University

I’m originally from northeastern Massachusetts, though before coming to Vermont in 2002, I had also called New Hampshire, Florida, and Puerto Rico home at various points in time. My travels have also included Mexico and other parts of the Caribbean, such as the Virgin Islands and Barbados. Somewhere along the way, I learned Spanish, the guitar, and started becoming a writer — mostly poetry and nonfiction at that time.

I have published two novels and a collection of short stories, all in the speculative fiction genres. In 2016, I also completed a vocational course in Welding through Greenfield Community College, and am currently in the process of building a fully-outfitted metalshop. I’m quite interested in abstract painting as well, and work out of a small studio on my property. In between infrequent bouts of sleep, I can also occasionally be found reading, hiking, or hunting — depending on the season, my workload, my dog’s mood, and whether or not it’s precipitating outside.