Wayne Estey

Central Connecticut State University, B.A. Economics, High Honors
Fordham University, Bronx, NY, M.A. Economics, Honors
University of Connecticut School of Law, JD

After high school in East Hartford, CT, I worked a few jobs for $1.60/hour. I joined the Air Force and was stationed in Athens, Greece. I learned to speak Greek! (I can’t read or write it at all). Add four years of Spanish and four years of French, and I have all foreign languages mixed on one side of my brain and English on the other.

I had over 90 credits at CCSU before my first Economics class. Economics made perfect sense to me and I stuck with it. Practically starting over and another 50 credits, I graduated with a B.A. in Economics and went to graduate school. At Fordham, I focused on Quantitative Economics and taught Statistics as a graduate assistant. Upon graduation with a M.A. in Economics, I landed a job at Northeast Utilities (Eversource now) promoting energy consumption using statistics. In my free time, I taught Economics at CCSU for four years.

Also in that four years, I married, had two kids and bought a house.

I took a job with the State of Connecticut Department of Public Utility Control; this time, I was promoting energy conservation. However, the utility lawyers were more successful thwarting conservation than I was promoting It. I had to find out how to, “think like a lawyer”.

Going part-time at nights and working full-time (plus wife, kids and house), I graduated from the University of Connecticut School of Law. I did learn how to think like a lawyer. Yea.

Add another kid, a dog, two cats and a “new” one-hundred-year-old house to keep repaired.

I retired and traded the “This Old House” in Connecticut for a house here in West Dover. With the kids pretty much, “Off the payroll” and few house repairs, I found MSA. Now, I have it all and couldn’t be happier!

P.S. Regarding skiing: On the first day, I asked one of the students what’s the difference between Freestyle and Alpine. Enough said.