Meg Kluge

Graduate study in Higher Education Policy, University of Massachusetts at Amherst
M.A. Lesley University, Interdisciplinary Studies
Graduate study in Anthropology and Geography, University of Texas at Austin
B.A. History, Bates College, ME

Although born in New York City, I have always thought of myself as a Vermonter. I was fortunate enough to spend my childhood summers at a rather rustic (real woodstove, fireplace, outhouse) seasonal home in Wardsboro. When I was eleven, my parents and I moved full-time to Vermont (and a place with plumbing!). We settled in Brattleboro, where I still live on a hill farm originally built in the 1780s.

I’ve done a variety of jobs over the years, all tied to three themes – history, horses, and teaching (mostly about history and horses). The history theme has played out in doing field archeology (in Maine, Tennessee, Texas, New Mexico, and Peru), editing archeological books and articles, and teaching history and archeology at a variety of levels…including, of course, at MSA. I also worked for some time as a college administrator. The horses are also still a part of my life. I run a small horse-boarding facility. In the summer, when MSA is not in session, I teach beginners how to ride horses.

I serve as chair of the Board of Supervisors of the Windham Country Natural Resources Conservation District, and as a board member for Community House (a non-profit school offering residential and day programs for children whose behavioral/emotional issues require special placement or stabilization), What Your Horse Wants (a non-profit dedicated to safe and humane techniques for teaching riding and equestrian management), the Southern Vermont Therapeutic Riding Center (a non-profit which offers equine assisted activities to individuals with a variety of special needs), and the Southeastern Vermont Audubon Society. In what remains of my “spare” time, I like to read, kayak, cook, watch birds, spend time outdoors, and bemoan the fact that the garden doesn’t get weeded.