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Mount Snow Academy (MSA) is a full time winter program for ski and snowboard competitors in grades 6-12. MSA staff, coaches, and teachers are committed to a balanced program of academics and athletics. Whether aspirations are Olympic or collegiate, MSA offers an environment in which young people can work to achieve their personal best in each area of their lives.

Mount Snow Academy is the only slope-side winter sports academy in the Northeast.

In this Olympic year, we would like to congratulate former alumnae whom competed in the Olympic games.

  • Silver Medal: Devin Logan Slopestyle
  • Bronze Medal: Kelly Clark Snowboard Halfpipe
  • 6th Place: Eliza Outtrim: Moguls
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Individual Instruction

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Mount Snow Academy caters to the individual athlete by providing one to one instruction Read more…




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Devin Logoan Silver Medal

Students attend Mount Snow Academy from early November through early April. They spend the first and last quarters of the school year at their sending school, and participate in that school’s academics and athletics.  During the Winter Term (quarters two and three), our instructors work in conjunction with sending school teachers and schools to prepare students for a seamless reentry when they return to their sending school in the spring.


Academic Podium

Mount Snow Academy offices and teaching facilities are located at the base of Mount Snow located in West Dover Vermont.

Currently we are seeking out our alumni to contact Lynne.
Please contact Lynne at Lsullivan@mountsnowacademy.org